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The Petition Archives | Reduce pension benefits of former GM CEO
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Reduce pension benefits of former GM CEO


Rick Wagoner
Former Chairman & CEO of General Motors, General Motors
100 Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI 48243


Washington, DC


March 31, 2009, 1:12 pm


Recently asked to step down as CEO of General Motors, Rick Wagoner led the company through a difficult period in the company's history. On his watch, GM's value fell over 90%, and its rapid decline has sent a ripple effect through the American economy and the families of hardworking Americans. Instead of focusing on the development of fuel-efficient vehicles of the future, Wagoner encouraged poor-performance & gas-guzzling cars which has led to an American auto industry that is today a decade behind its competition.

While he was facing difficult odds, Wagoner consistently failed to lead the company through difficult times, or make wise decisions on behalf the company and its employees. Now, after being asked to step down by the Obama administration in order to give GM a small chance of surviving, he's being given, according to the Wall Street Journal, $20 million in pension benefits.[1] This is unacceptable, especially due to the fact that union workers will have to cut their pensions in order to keep GM running. The man who failed the company is being rewarded, while the individuals who built it with hands are being punished. We can't stand for this.

I submit my petition to bring attention to this problem, and demand that Rick Wagoner donate a large portion of his pension to the union workers of General Motors. I also request a sincere apology, and acknowledgment that he made mistakes in his judgment during his nine years as CEO of GM.



Rick Wagoner was not sent an email because Dave did not provide a work-related email address for him. Sometimes this is because public figures, including government officials, do not share their work-related email addresses with the public. If you think that a public figure should offer a work-related email address to the public, please contact them and submit another petition.

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